About Us

iNextrix (www.inextrix.com) was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing the best service and development in industry at competitive rate along with 100% client satisfaction.

Based on our VoIP skills and keen interest in Open source technologies, later in 2013 we adopted ASTPP project which was dead. We wanted to contribute a robust billing platform for FreeSwitch to Open source community, and ASTPP was the first best first step to start with. This is how our journey began with ASTPP.

We did not just adopted the ASTPP project, but also made significant improvements in its UI and Backend scripts to make it a complete solution which can be used in production.

Along with that, iNextrix is providing installation and training, commercial support , addons and branded Mobile SIP dialers to the VoIP / Telco companies who wish to deploy ASTPP in their production environment and to get best out of ASTPP.

Let You Know More About Us

iNextrix is also involved in VoIP, Web (PHP and its frameworks, CMS like wordpress, magento, joomla, drupal) and Mobile development for Android and iPhones.

We do really appreciate our customers and community members who has put their trust in us and encouraged to do something good. They have always supported us by sharing their thoughts and reporting bugs to make it stable and grow more.

So far, We have thousands of community members and customers who are happy with the ASTPP project and its progress.

We strongly believe all our creations will take ASTPP and Open Source VOIP Billing platform to the next level.