Accounts Management


  • Can manage entire system
  • Able to manage multiple admins and subadmins


  • Multi-layer reseller support (Unlimited)
  • Own customer management
  • Rates management
  • Invoice management
  • Reports
  • Reseller portal

Customer / Provider

  • Postpaid/prepaid customers
  • IP based authentications
  • SIP Device management
  • Invoices
  • My Rates Reports
  • Customer portal

Calling Cards

  • Manage calling cards easily with card number & pin
  • Bulk calling card generation
  • Export calling cards in CSV
  • Configure your own calling card access numbers
  • Pinless authentication
  • Call Detail report
  • Configurable introduction prompt
  • Various options to enable/disable playback options

Invoices / Billing

  • Invoice & Receipt management
  • Personalize invoicing information for reseller
  • Can configure his own company name & address which will be included in invoice pdf
  • One time Tax Configuration
  • Includes CDR charges, Subscription fees, DID charges and other type of post charges or package charges.
  • Configurable invoice date for each customer
  • Send email upon invoice generation

Rate groups / Tariff

  • Manage rates with ease
  • Configure own rate group and assign to customers / resellers (For admin and resellers only)
  • Allocate free packages
  • Carrier/trunk selection for outbound call routing for LCR
  • Allow rate group based subscription

Rates and LCR

  • Least cost routing on carrier/termination rates
  • Option to define connect cost
  • Import feature
  • Batch update for easy bulk rates updation
  • Force routing configuration in origination rates
  • Carrier failover


  • Handle incoming calls with various options
  • DID purchase/release option
  • Options to configure setup, monthly fees for DID
  • DID allocation option for admin/reseller
  • Multiple types of routing types
  • DID Billing


  • Call detail reports
  • Summary reports (display usage of prefix, ACD, MCD, profit, Billable seconds)
  • Trunk stats
  • Live call report
  • Payment report
  • Export to csv

Configuration / Settings

  • Settings
  • Global parameters to manage system
  • Default country, base currency, timezone etc
  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Calling card parameters
  • Invoice configuration
  • One time tax configuration
  • Email template

Paypal payment gateway

  • Configure your own paypal id to receive payments
  • Top Up/Recharge accounts quickly and get balance in real time