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Furyo Systems LLC

After several years looking for a billing system for our telecom service, we finally found ASTPP, which is way above what we have known so far.
Technically easy to use for our customers and for ourselves,
Very good teams behind this software !
Thank you for your work !

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Jason Hood (Logistixcall)

After years of struggling with Freepbx Billing solution that didn’t quite live up to our needs integrating ASTPP into our platform has proven to be well worth the time. With small customizations here and there ASTPP has helped us build a platform we can rely on.

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AC Pan

Thank you for a great solution and your opensource initiative. I am new to ASTPP and I am trying out, so far, I feel that ASTPP may meet my needs after some tests. I bought this FreeSwitch Monitoring package addon to show my support to your team’s hard work and also see it to be a really useful addon. I will also order support package later when I am more familiar with ASTPP.

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Fred R

ASTPP is a good product, support of Samir and his team is very good which makes ASTPP one of the best VoIP product.
I have already ordered 2 installations and lot of developments from them, and thinking to order more which can expand my business. Thank you.

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Duke Ofori | TelAric

Firstly i will like to commend the ASTPP team for their commitment and their support for this product which has proved to be a real enabler for us as business.
ASTPP Softswitch is an efficient, productive and powerful VoIP platform. It has enabled us stabilize our business growth and the prospects for the future looks very positive especially now that we are also rolling out with their Dialer APP. We are truly pleased with the solution are looking forward to building a stronger partnership with you guys. Thanks ASTPP.

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Mehroz Ashraf | voipography

Having used other opensource billing solution, I finally tried ASTPP and after few tweaking and I was up and ready to scale up my business within one year. At the moment, ASTPP is the only true opensource billing solution made for commercial scale traffic on planet Earth. That is true that I had to left proprietary commercial scale billing solution as ASTPP gives me much more benefits and control. Hats off to the ASTPP team for the outstanding product.

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Roland Meister

We have been using ASTPP for years and have never looked back. It’s a reliable platform and is cost effective.
Freeswitch works well across all hardware products we’ve had to work with. The support crew is fantastic and have never failed to help, even going beyond the call of duty at times. We had some customization done on our server and our ROI has always been quick. It’s a simple UI so even my admin staff could learn to use it in no time at all. Well done ASTPP.

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Kavvalos Stelios
Informatics Engineer

We use ASTPP billing system about 2 years for internal proposes even from 1.7.3 version without any any problem. ASTPP is working absolutely fine with FreeSwitch really fast and do that it says. The most important is that when we need help of something or we need any customization we are able to get it from ASTPP support team and specially from Mr Samir. Personally I suggested ASTPP Billing system.

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Daniel Samuel

ASTPP is a good softswitch which I am using for my business since 2014 and now they launched upper addons which enhance the user experience on next level with broad features. ASTPP is a interesting switch which is having up-gradation on every year with new features to maintain consistency and flexibility on every angle for client business. I won’t say that use ASTPP but check demo once and you will get convince.

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A few words on ASTPP which really deserves after delivered satisfactory results on customization we need which was really very complicated. By smiling face they accepted my offer and proves they are best. After using other billing switch, I lost some of my customers because of some lacking point but ASTPP make it completed. Hats Off Guys, keep it up!!!

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Dino Vezepa

Hey Guys, I can only say ASTPP is the best. I used many softswitchs but ultimately what observed is Loss in Business because of Hidden policies and high charges of customization. MY friend refer me ASTPP who already worked with them from 3 years and still pursue. I approached them and found very helpful with effective communication.

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Georgios Larkou

It was great experience by working with ASTPP team and for-sure in future too. They are very much pre-advance who believe to focus on client productivity very closely to make sure follow consistency. ASTPP Team approached me to upgrade by outdated version into latest version and gifted me high ROI. ASTPP is best softswitch I have ever came across because of it’s great UI, Smooth Billing Process and long reliability.

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Ibrahim Siddiqui

I just provided them a fresh server and they turned it into a money making machine by setting up ASTPP in cheap price with extra-ordinary support. They helped me a lot to setup my business and migration from old switch to ASTPP. I highly recommend ASTPP Team for any kind of your VOIP need. Kudos to ASTPP.

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Charles Phillips

We got switched from another commercial switch to open source ASTPP almost 1 year ago. So far we are very happy with the decision as our system works well without any problems and due to that we can focus on our business. Thanks to ASTPP team for great work and wonderful product.

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Jaco Jacobs

We are very happy with ASTPP as that is fulfilling all our need and allow us to extend our business without any limitations. We made it compatible with various switches and systems with the help of ASTPP Team. Overall Good product, Good Service and support by Team.

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CEO Komury

ASTPP is one of the finest product we have used so far for billing. It is flexible and easy to understand. Our business is growing up well with ASTPP and with their team support.