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A Smart TelePhony Platform for Individual Business, Wholesale and Residential VoIP Service Providers! It is available as an open source solution. It means without any investment, one can start his telephony business using ASTPP.

ASTPP, being one of the most powerful VoIP Billing Software, thrives to benefit its users by providing a comprehensive telephony solution. This open source solution has lifted itself up from a mere VoIP billing solution to “A Smart TelePhony Platform”.

The latest version of ASTPP is provisioned with some advanced functional modules which are designed to eliminate the need of multiple solutions to run a VoIP business. It has integrated hosted IP PBX, Class 4/5 Softswitch, and complete invoicing and billing solution developed by leveraging Smart Technology.

ASTPP info
ASTPP info 2

Being A Smart TelePhony Platform, it can be used as a complete driving force for your VoIP business. At the same time, businesses can still use its comprehensive FreeSWITCH Billing solution as an integral part of their existing FreeSWITCH solutions.

Its striking and responsive user interface, finely segmented features in different access panels (Super Admin, Admin, Reseller, User) and remote access features make it simple to use and access to assure your business is well managed and easily reachable at all the time.

Take benefit of Premium Add-ons and Premium Services with ASTPP Enterprise Version.

Value Added Features

The latest version of ASTPP is provisioned with competitive modules, furnished with a wide array of features, specifically developed to skyrocket your VoIP business.

Advanced Call Routing
Advanced Call Routing

All Routing rules available to let you leverage the power of advanced call routing strategies: Lossless, CLI & Non-CLI, Priority based, LCR and many more.

Multi Tenant IP PBX
Multi Tenant IP PBX

Empower your business with unified communication features available in integrated comprehensive IP PBX solution with tenant support.

Calling Cards
Calling Card

Competent solution for calling card business with administrative and operational features to manage retail and wholesale business.

DID Management
DID Management

All inclusive DID solution to manage, allocate, route, and bill DID numbers for all scaled and sized DID service providers.

SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking

Enjoy benefits of Zero per minute cost and bill per trunk by connecting multiple locations to the hub station / central system.

Personalized Solution
Personalized Solution

Add your brand elements in modules, invoices, bills and more. 100% white-label and personalized solution.

ASTPP Features

Accounts Management

Organize your customers, resellers and providers efficiently and effectively.

Tariff Plans

Create & manage different rate plans for your customers and resellers.

Rates Management

Handle origination and termination rates independently. Gain revenue with least cost routing and cost based routing.

Invoicing / Billing

Manage invoices & receipts for prepaid/postpaid accounts. Recurring subscriptions and Tax management.

Payment Gateway

Recharge or top-up your account with your preferred payment processing method in real time with ASTPP payment gateways.

Comprehensive Reports

An extensive range of reports available in real time and historic view. Summary and advance reports with important metrics provide consolidated data.

Key Benefits


Completely Free with Lifetime license


White-label, Customizable and Personalized


Quick to start


Integrated PBX, Class 4/5 switch & other solutions

Key Benefits

Automations of billing and other operations


Save time and resources


Increase Productivity


In-time Support from professionals and community


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