ASTPP Add-ons

ASTPP is a gigantic system. It has made its journey from an Asterisk Postpaid Billing Solution to FreeSWITCH Billing Solution and now A Smart TelePhony Platform. The original version of ASTPP comes with various ASTPP Modules which are provisioned with a wide array of features. The ASTPP in its original form is a comprehensive VoIP solution with an integrated advanced VoIP billing system. It can be used to run any VoIP business, including, but not limited to:

  • WholesaleWholesale VoIP service provider
  • RetailRetail VoIP service provider
  • DIDDID service provider
  • IP PBXIP PBX service provider
  • ConferencingConferencing service provider
  • Calling cardCalling card service provider
  • Call shopCall shop service provider

To further benefit the VoIP business owners and industry leaders, ASTPP has introduced Add-on system in its latest release. Now, ASTPP users can add supplementary features to take benefit of extra functional capabilities to drive their business to the next level. The official ASTPP maintenance team and proactive community members have developed an amazing range of features and they will keep on adding additional add-ons to empower ASTPP business owners.

The ASTPP Add-ons work as per the plug-in model. All you need to do is choose the Add-on(s) you like from the available range of add-on options and click install. Once installed, the plug-in can be configured and customized to meet your business needs.

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  • Install It

  • Use It

Types of ASTPP Add-ons:

To benefit ASTPP users, the ASTPP Add-ons are segmented into two different categories. Each category has a wide range of Add-ons availed for the ASTPP users.

Community Add-ons

The community Add-ons are the Add-ons developed by the ASTPP team as well as community members. All Community Add-ons are available for free.

Set your own account number range

Account Number Range

Enable easy access to FreeSwitch Console and real-time list of registered SIP Devices, Gateways and live calls in the graph

Switch Monitoring

Add an advanced level of control in making international calls by allocating designated balance to customers

International Credits

Share a DID number with multiple customers and save cost of multiple DIDs.

Local Number

Assist your customers by setting up Help Desk to raise tickets in different departments

Support Ticket





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Enterprise Add-ons

The enterprise Add-ons are created by the official ASTPP development team. These add-ons are available only for users of ASTPP Enterprise Version. All Add-ons (Community and Enterprise) are available for free for the ASTPP Enterprise users.

ACL Management

ACL Management

Setup various alarms on trunks for monitoring ASR, ACD, CIC, Gateway and Live Calls


Get country wise Total calls, Total used Minutes and Total Charges made with advance Filters

Country Report

Auto generate various call reports and get it in email on defined time

Schedule Report

Enable Fax over IP features such as web2fax, email2fax and fax2email


Secure your business from hackers by setting different fraud detection parameters

Fraud Detection

Enable Multi-tenant PBX Features such as Conference, Ring Group, Queue, IVR, Time condition, Call Forward, Follow me etc.

Multi Tenant IP PBX

Enable South African Number Portability feature

Ported Number

Apply personalized rates to customers.

Custom Rates



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