Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection
Type: Enterprise

Safeguard your business from any type of malicious, hack, fraudulence and / or unintentional attacks / misuses. This module detects all misuses and attacks on the user interface / account and ongoing calls. On detection of unusual activities which can be a potential attack / misuse of the system, the ASTPP system will alert admin and reseller in real time with email / SMS notification. Moreover, the system will take appropriate actions to protect the system from any further damages or loss.

Key Features

  • Limitless rule creation to detect fraud activities
  • Prefix based fraud detection
  • Time condition based fraud detection
  • Country based fraud detection
  • Configuration of the blocking threshold
  • Configuration of warning threshold


  • Notifications and alerts when any fraud detection rule is met
  • Alert admin with notifications when the defined threshold of warning is met
  • Destination blocking when the defined threshold of blocking is met with admin notification

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