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ASTPP has been a renowned name in the VoIP industry as it offers a smart telephony solution as an open source aka community and enterprise versions. ASTPP also offers some premium solutions. The ASTPP premium solution can be used by ASTPP users to run their business or to empower their business.

The mobile SIP dialer is one of the premium solutions offered by the ASTPP official team. The ASTPP mobile SIP dialer is a mobile application that uses the power of SIP communication to let you add a touch of SIP calling with the flexibility of mobile devices in your business. This mobile SIP dialer aka SIP softphone is available for both, Android and iOS devices and work with the recent versions of these two mobile platforms.

You can get a white label mobile SIP dialer application to run your VoIP calling business with your business brand and leverage relevant benefits. We can add the logo and your other brand elements to this app to provide a complete white label solution.

Key Features available in ASTPP mobile SIP dialer application are listed below:

  • App to app calling
  • App to any number calling
  • Conference calling
  • Chat
  • Phonebook and synchronization of phonebook with the phonebook of your device
  • Call recording
  • Call park and pickup
  • Call transfer
  • Sign up
  • Login
  • Forgot and change password
  • OTP authentication for security
  • Call history
  • Last call redial
  • Rate display for the dialed number
  • Customer profile
  • In-app recharge for Apple device users
  • Fund transfer between accounts
  • Calling card support
  • Coupon support
  • In-app purchase support
  • Payment history
  • API integration
  • Rate simulator
  • And more

The ASTPP mobile SIP dialer application is built with highly engaging and simplified user interface. It also supports calling cards. By using mobile SIP dialer app of ASTPP, you can take benefit of product module integration of ASTPP to run a seamless business.

  • It supports G729, G711, G722, Speex, AMR, iLBC, GSM, and other codecs
  • It connects through all types of internet connections such as 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, GPRS, etc.
  • It works behind NAT
  • It provides fast registration
  • It offers quick connectivity
  • Real time account balance

You can get this white label mobile SIP dialer app for Android and iOS devices with different features based on the selected package. With the purchase of this app, you also receive free technical support from the official ASTPP team.

To know more about this app and to get packages, contact us.

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