Advanced Vision Tel

Advanced Vision Tel

Advanced Vision Tel is one of the leading VoIP service provider companies. The company offers VoIP calling services to businesses and end users in Gulf countries. The company caters thousands of calls going on in parallel each second. Also, it is spreading business with its lucrative reseller model.

To offer VoIP calling services to its customers, the company was using a proprietary VoIP softswitch with an integrated billing solution. This proprietary softswitch solution claims to offer the extensive feature range and security. However, it often gave up against hacking attacks which caused serious losses to the Advanced Vision Tel. Along with this serious lack of security, this proprietary softswitch also failed to provide some important features and customization needed by the Advanced Vision Tel to achieve set operational milestones. Thus, the company switched to the customized white label ASTPP FreeSWITCH Billing Solution as it delivered high level security, high system availability, customization and cost effective solution to the Advanced Vision Tel. The Advanced Vision Tel has been using ASTPP since 2014 with pleasure.

Detail Explanation of the Case

The Advanced Vision Tel primarily focuses on VoIP calling business in Gulf countries. The business of the company is on a higher scale, and the company is expanding day by day with its lucrative reseller concept and of course best in the industry services for its customers.

To provide VoIP calling services to its customers, the company was using a proprietary VoIP softswitch with an integrated billing solution. Despite the fact of high license fee on a recurring basis, the company faced multiple hack attacks in which system got compromised. The company had to face really serious losses due to these hack attacks and couldn’t get a satisfactory response or justification from the team of proprietary VoIP softswitch provider. Moreover, the company was facing a lot of other roadblocks with usage of this third party VoIP softswitch solution with integrated billing.

Key concerns faced by the company due to the proprietary VoIP softswitch with integrated billing system are listed below:

  • Poor performance in front of hack attacks. The system got compromised multiple times.
  • Poor support from the service provider.
  • Expensive licensing fees on a recurring basis.
  • No satisfactory way to customize the system to match business needs. Being a proprietary solution, it offers only a fixed range of features and the provider wasn’t offering the custom development or customization of the features needed by the Advanced Vision Tel.
  • No support for reseller model required by the company for growth.

Due to all the above mentioned hindrances, the Advanced Vision Tel aimed to get another solution which would be more secure and meet custom business needs of the company now and then. During their hunt for an ideal solution, the company got in touch with the official team of ASTPP: Open Source VoIP Billing Solution and shared its requirements.

ASTPP Proven to be the Ideal Solution

A representative of the ASTPP official team had a detailed discussion with the leader of the company to understand their needs. According to the collected information, the ASTPP team concluded that the company needs following:

  • White label ASTPP: VoIP billing solution
  • White label mobile SIP dialer
  • Development of custom features and integration of the same
  • Custom security model development and integration

As ASTPP: Open Source version itself offers an extensive reseller model, the company could take benefit of it in its original form.

Key Features Offered

  • All features of the ASTPP Billing Solution, including, call routing and rating, Reseller module
  • Additional Custom features
    • Customized rate block management
    • Loss less call routing
  • Additional custom security configurations
    • Two factor authentication implementation for resellers and users
    • Strong security wall deployment with IP tables
    • Deployment of High Availability solution for load balancing and failover support
Services Offered:

We, official ASTPP team, provided a completely customized solution to the Advanced Vision Tel:

  • Installation and deployment of ASTPP: Open Source VoIP billing Software
  • White labeling of this open source solution
  • Custom feature development and integration
  • Advanced security mechanism integration
  • Setup HA (High Availability) solution
  • Professional training from the ASTPP experts
  • Free support for a predefined number of weeks
  • White label Mobile SIP Dialer
Results Attained

The Advanced Vision Tel uses the provisioned custom ASTPP solution with HA capability and high security to run his VoIP calling business at its best and in the most secure possible way. Some of the major benefits gained by the company are listed below:


  • All in one solution with Softswitch and billing support
  • Custom billing features
  • Reseller group management support
  • Easy to utilize user and admin interface
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Seamless customer management
  • Saved money on licensing fees
  • 99.99% security against hacking attacks
  • 99.99% uptime of the system
  • Ownership of code
  • 81.06% of increase in ROI
  • And more

What our client says

Advanced Vision Tel
Executive Director

The earlier switch we were using was expensive, yet it failed multiple times in safeguarding us from hack attacks. It was a major concern for us along with other issues we were facing because of it. We are glad we get in touch with ASTPP team. They provided us the solution we were looking for. We are still using their support services and I recommend their professional service.