ASTPP Enterprise

ASTPP is now a Smart Telephony Solution. At the time of the launch of ASTPP 4.0, we have also launched ASTPP Enterprise Version. ASTPP Enterprise Version is a more advanced and enhanced platform which furnishes service providers and serial entrepreneurs with a unified VoIP solution.

ASTPP Enterprise Version is developed by keeping growing VoIP businesses in mind. It provides a one stop solution of all major VoIP solutions within a single system with, of course, the most advanced and comprehensive VoIP billing system. ASTPP enterprise version users receive premium services and value added add-ons which are not available to open source ASTPP users.

These add-ons provide almost all major VoIP solutions, which can be used to run additional or multiple businesses using a single system to increase revenues without any additional investment on different software.

The ASTPP community is proactively working on increasing the functional capability of community and enterprise versions of the ASTPP by adding new add-ons and enhancing current features and add-ons. The aim of offering an enterprise version is to collect more funds which can be added in research, development, and growth of the whole platform which ultimately benefits all ASTPP users and all businesses that are directly or indirectly connected to this solution and community.

ASTPP Enterprise Models:

ASTPP Enterprise version is available in two different models to benefit interested businesses:

ASTPP Managed Services (Premium)

ASTPP team provides manifold premium services to benefit its users. It bestows many benefits to its users in a way that they can focus on their own business while the rest is taken care of by the ASTPP experts.

ASTPP Self Hosting (Budget)

It is a perfect solution for the users that are interested in an ASTPP enterprise version, but concerned about the budget. This is a cost effective way to gain access to the powerful enterprise version of ASTPP: A Smart Telephony Platform.

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