Join ASTPP Affiliate or Partnership Program

ASTPP has been a household name in the VoIP industry. Thousands of companies and businesses not only in the VoIP, but other industry verticals as well use ASTPP. ASTPP is available in the open source and enterprise versions. The number of enterprise version users is increasing rapidly, which is why we are expanding our network of affiliates and partners.

You can work as our authorized partner in your country or sell the ASTPP enterprise solution across the globe.

Key reasons to become a partner of ASTPP

Receive handsome commission and incentives

“More you sell more you get” is the motto we follow. We have different slabs of commission for our affiliates and partners. The commission increases as the quarterly or annual revenue increases. If you sell more, then you also get the opportunity to earn more. You will not be bound to a fixed commission rate. We make sure you receive a complete opportunity to grow and foster.

Get leads from us to convert and earn*

We are creating a network of affiliates, resellers, and partners across the globe. For some exclusive leads, which need a local representative or a specific skill set, we will consider our affiliates and partners to grab the opportunity. We will pass the exclusive leads to our affiliates and let them convert them with their expertise. Our affiliates and partners will still earn the same commission even if they have not hunted the lead.

No technical expertise needed

ASTPP is a smart VoIP telephony platform, which means it is a smart solution. It is a technical product, but you don’t need to have any technical expertise in VoIP or ASTPP. All you need is a selling skill. We will provide the required training, but all technical aspects such as installation, maintenance, support, etc. will be provided by the team of ASTPP experts who hold strong knowledge and experience in ASTPP and other VoIP platforms.

No obligation contract

You do not need to get specific leads to stay our affiliate or partner. Of course, active involvement and proactive actions are necessary, but we don’t force sales targets on our partners and affiliates.

On time payment

We have a straightforward payment cycle for our partners and affiliates. According to which, all our partners and affiliates get paid on time. There is never a miss and there is no security deposit we keep.

We support your growth

You will receive complete support from ASTPP experts to launch and run a business successfully to sell an ASTPP enterprise solution. We will provide the following to make sure your efforts get converted into revenues:

  • Complete training of ASTPP and its add-ons
  • Marketing and support material
  • Partner training
  • Dedicated support
  • Tips and support for marketing and sales

To have a detailed discussion and understand how becoming an ASTPP partner or an affiliate can help you grow faster regardless of your existing industry or job title.