ASTPP Managed Service (Premium)

ASTPP Enterprise version is now in production and can be used by any VoIP business owner, startup or service provider. The ASTPP Enterprise version offers a wide range of benefits to its users in addition to the pros one would get by using its open source solution.

ASTPP Managed Services is one of the models available to use an enterprise version of this powerful smart VoIP solution.

ASTPP is managed and maintained by an IT company, iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., since 2013. The company sponsors and manages two devoted teams that work towards the growth of this open source VoIP solution. One team is focused on the development of ASTPP and another team focuses on catering the ASTPP enterprise version users. This dedicated team of iNextrix makes sure that all technical aspects are taken care of this powerful smart telephony software and you are catered with a plethora of benefits.

The ASTPP Managed Service model is designed to cater to businesses that prefer to let the experts do their job and they focus on growing their business. You get all top to bottom services from the ASTPP experts so you can make the best use of this most powerful smart telephony solution and increase your ROI.

Key Services Available to the ASTPP Managed Service Users:

ASTPP Managed Service model offers a complete solution to the customers that choose to invest in the premium services offered by the ASTPP team. This team is made up of support engineers, ASTPP frontend developers, ASTPP backend developers, mobile app developers, software testing and quality assurance engineers and project managers and this team, works under iNextrix Technologies, the official managers and maintainers of ASTPP.

The key services offered by the team of ASTPP experts to the Managed Service users are briefed below:

Complete System Setup

ASTPP is easy to set up. However, ASTPP experts know all nitty gritty of it and can make the best configurations. To the Managed Service users, ASTPP experts will provide recommendation for the system infrastructure. Moreover, they will perform the installation and setup of this powerful smart telephony software on your cloud or server with the best practices.

Migration to the ASTPP Latest Version

If you are already using any earlier version of ASTPP or any other softswitch solution, you need to shift your data, system and business to this solution with a migration process. Often, this process is not that easy, and any wrong move results in serious consequences. Thus, ASTPP developers take care of the complete migration process for Managed Service users. In this case, the ASTPP experts working for you will make sure the whole process stays swift and secure.

Professional Training

As we have been quoting again and again, ASTPP is a really powerful smart telephony solution. It is furnished with the best features and add-ons and by making the right use of it, any VoIP or Telecom service provider can take his / her business to the next level. However, often ASTPP users settle with limited use of it due to lack of knowledge. To benefit the Managed Service users of this smart VoIP software, the ASTPP expert will provide complete product training once the installation or migration process is finished.

Access to Enterprise Add-ons

The ASTPP Managed Service users get access to all exclusive add-ons available only to the enterprise version users. These add-ons can help to strengthen business and its revenue model. The ASTPP enterprise version users can also develop their own add-ons and the ASTPP team will give required suggestions and guidance. Of course, the coding part needs to be taken care of by your developers, but you will receive the best practices and approach recommendations from the team on request for one year of your contract.

Unlimited Upgrades

The ASTPP Managed Service users will get access to all new version releases and system upgrades available for community and enterprise versions. Not only this, but they will also sit back and relax as the upgrade process will be performed by the ASTPP team for them. This service will be available for one year from the date of the contract inception.

Unlimited Support

After the installation, setup, and training, the ASTPP team offers unlimited support services for the whole year. In this one year of the support period, you can raise a support ticket to get a resolution of your queries or concerns, as and when needed. As per the support contract and criticality of your raised issue, the ASTPP support engineers will provide you the resolution at the earliest possible.

As you can gauge the returns over investment in the ASTPP Managed Service model is quite high and it is worth your investment.

To know more details specific to your business and to request a quote, contact us.