ASTPP Self Hosting Service (Budget)

ASTPP Enterprise version is augmented with an amazing range of offerings not available to the ASTPP open source users. The ASTPP enterprise version is made available to users in two different models. The ASTPP Managed Service model offers an extensive range of services to its users. The ASTPP maintainers want to make sure that this smart solution can benefit as many businesses as possible. To help businesses with a limited budget or the ones that do not really feel ready to use ASTPP Managed Service model, the ASTPP maintainers has launched ASTPP Self Hosting service model.

The ASTPP Self Hosting service model is suitable for those businesses that want to use the enterprise version of this powerful smart telephony software and have an in-house technical team.

The ASTPP Self Hosting model gives access to the ASTPP enterprise solution along with all ASTPP add-ons. Unlike, ASTPP Managed Service, the ASTPP Self Hosting service needs to take care of the installation and set up along with the Upgradation process. It means you get access to the enterprise version and related add-ons, but the technical aspects have to be taken care of by you.

The key services offered to the Self Hosting Service users are briefed below:

Access to the Enterprise Add-ons

With the ASTPP Self Hosting model, you get access to all add-ons of ASTPP, including, community and enterprise. This way you can take benefit of added VoIP services in your business and enjoy the power of a sunified telephony solution. The users of this model of ASTPP can also develop and integrate their own custom add-ons.

Unlimited Upgrades

The ASTPP Self Hosting model users get updates about the new version releases and upgrades of the ASTPP for one year from the contract commencement date. They can manually upgrade the solution to take benefit of the latest version of ASTPP, including, added add-ons.

Success Pack

The ASTPP team helps to the ASTPP Self Hosting users on demand basis with this pack. You can buy support hours based on your need and the ASTPP experts will assist you to take care of the technical aspects for you. The ASTPP team offers different support packages and that is available only to the ASTPP Self Hosting users.

The ASTPP Self Hosting model opens doors of new opportunities without big capital investment and it is perfect if you have an in-house technical team or access to technical expertise.

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