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Blue Telecoms is a leading unified communication solution provider based out of the UK. It is part of The Lopez Group. The company’s main focus is wholesale VoIP calling and call center software business. Moreover, it caters elecommunication need of the businesses with telecommunication solutions, internet connectivity and office phone systems. The company has been delighting its customers since 2010 with its mission ‘To Revolutionize the World of VoIP Communications”

To manage the wholesale communication business, the company was using a proprietary class 4 softswitch solution. However, it was constantly facing certain challenges because of the limitations of the commercial solution. Also, the company believes in using the most powerful and bleeding edge technology use to provide the best services to its customers. Thus, the company switched to custom ASTPP solution with its High Availability (HA) model and it found the ideal VoIP softswitch and billing solution that it was actually looking for.

Detail Explanation of the Case

Blue Telecoms primarily focuses on wholesale VoIP calling businesses along with its other business communication services. The company was using a class 4 softswitch solution from a third party vendor. The softswitch solution was the main component to run the wholesale business and thus, it has to meet the
business needs and growth strategy of the company. However, as it is a proprietary solution, the company was facing a lot of challenges.

Key concerns faced by the company due to the legacy class 4 softswitch are listed below:

  • The pricing model of that softswitch was really expensive. Thus, it was affecting the ROI of the
  • The licensing model was very tight and expensive. Thus, the growth model of the company was
    increasing the expense on license fee and limiting the ROI.
  • As it was a proprietary solution, the features were fixed and limited. With the growing customer base and demands, Blue Telecoms wanted to have some more functionality in the wholesale softswitch. The customization in the existing solution demands a big investment and some features were not possible
    to achieve with that solution
  • The dependency on the vendor was quite high as only they had the access to the source code. Thus,
    for any small to big tasks Blue Telecoms was enforced to use the service of that vendor only.
  • The system had a limitation on the concurrent calls and number of users due to license, which was
    a roadblock in the growth of the business.
  • It didn’t have automated billing in the system which made it even more difficult to use with
    increasing customer base.

Because of all these and some more concerns, the company was looking for an alternative of their legacy wholesale VoIP Softswitch. During their search, they came across ASTPP: Open Source Billing Solution. Based on the available information on the web, they found it suitable for their business. Also, it can
resolve a majority of challenges they were facing with their legacy system. However, they needed some additional features and functionalities. Thus, they contacted us, the official ASTPP Maintainer team.

ASTPP Proven to be the Needed Solution

We discussed their business model and future requirements. Based on the collected information, our team leader proposed a tailored ASTPP solution with additional functions to meet their needs. The proposed solution offered them ​ all required features of the class 4 softswitch and billing system ​ within a single system. Thus, they don’t need to use any additional solution.

Services Offered

We assisted Blue Telecoms with a bottom to top services:

  • Suggested the custom features and developed custom ASTPP features
  • White labeling of the ASTPP
  • Installed and configured the ASTPP solution with custom features
  • Created scalable cluster with High Availability and Load Balancing
  • Provided training to use the system at its best
  • Provided free support for predefined time interval
Results Attained

Blue Telecoms caters its thousands of customers with the provisioned custom ASTPP solution with HA capability.

  • Single system to manage operations of class 4 softswitch and billing
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Quick operations with GUI based admin and user windows
  • Easy management of thousands of customers
  • Simplified vendor management
  • 99.99% uptime of the system
  • No limitations on usage. Unlimited usage
  • No license complexity
  • Scalability to increase clientele with ease
  • No dependency on vendors as they can use any ASTPP expert to customize the solution
  • 61.33% of increase in staff productivity
  • 57.14% of increase in resource utilization
  • 2x saving on the expenses
  • 74.56% of increase in ROI
  • Supports its growth model completely

Blue Telecoms is one of the renowned unified communication service providers in the United Kingdom and growing at a rapid rate after deploying ASTPP in their business model.

What our client says

Blue Telecoms
Technical Director

We were facing many issues with our legacy softswitch and wanted a solution that can remove all
barriers. We are happy to meet ASTPP team and delighted with the solution they offered. It not only
removed all the barriers, but also added more benefits and value to our business. I recommend ASTPP
and their services.

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