Calling Cards

Calling card business is one of the evergreen businesses in the VoIP industry. The PINless dialing and callback services have always been in demand. To run a calling card business, it is very important to manage all entities accurately and keep the billing process fast and accurate. The ASTPP provides a comprehensive Calling Cards module to empower the calling card service providers with a widespread feature range. All actions, including bulk updates, can be done with a few clicks in a GUI based web panel, which can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime.

The ASTPP also supports reseller module to strengthen calling card businesses with affiliation and partnership.

  • Generate calling cards in bulk
  • Export calling cards in CSV format
  • Easy calling card management with PIN and card number
  • Manual configuration of calling card access number
  • Customizable introduction prompt
  • PINless authentication
  • Call detail reports
  • And many more
  • Enable / Disable ready to use playback message(s) for different options such as,
  • Current balance
  • Insufficient fund alert
  • Rate not found error
  • Invalid phone number
  • And more