DID Management

ASTPP provides a centralized DID number business management solution for retail and wholesale businesses along with a comprehensive reseller business model support. The DID management module of ASTPP supports all types of DID numbers, including, but not limited to:

  • International
  • Local
  • Premium
  • Toll Free

With the DID management module DID service provider can run his complete business with ease and flexibility.

  • DID purchase
  • DID release
  • Setup fee configuration per DID
  • DID billing
  • DID allocation to Admin / Reseller
  • DID Hold / Unhold feature
  • And many more
  • Handle DID incoming calls with different options such as,
  • DID Local
  • PSTN
  • Direct IP
  • Multiple destinations
  • And more
  • Call forwarding rules
  • Always
  • On busy tone
  • On no answer
  • If not registered