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General Question

Nope. There is no limitation of using ASTPP. You can use it anywhere.

It can be used in small scale as well as large scale carrier setup.

You just need to have system with above defined OS and then you will be able to setup ASTPP on that.

It is strongly recommended that ASTPP be deployed on the Linux distribution CentOS version 7.x or Debian version 8.x

CentOS 7.X OR Debian 8.x,
4GB RAM (8 or 16gb is highly recommended for better performance),
40gb Hard Drive,
We recommend to use high configuration hardware to get better performance.

Yeah, It can work on Virtual servers.

That is purely depends on hardware which you will use. More Hardware resource can give more concurrent calls.

You can simply send your code to us for review and we will include it in open source version.You can donate us at paypal account billing@inextrix.com

Yeah we do offer installation, configuration, on demand support, recurring support & custom development. You can check our pricing from http://portal.inextrix.com/cart.php. For custom development, you can drop an email to us at sales@inextrix.com OR use https://portal.inextrix.com/contact.php

Technical Question

It supports only MySQL (PostgreSQL support will be added in future release).

Paypal only for now. In future we have plan to add authorize.net payment gateway.

No. It will be included in future releases. To get more information you can contact us at sales@inextrix.com.

ASTPP provides update.sh script with its source just run that script to update your source.

Enable short_open_tag in php.ini and then restart apache.

Make sure you have configured your IP in Sip Profile and your registration request is reaching to server.

Default sip profile must be loaded in FreeSWITCH

Please check your database credentials. ASTPP uses /var/lib/astpp/astpp-config.conf file for database connection.

Configure your customer IP under Customers -> IP Settings

No, CDRs report will only record of current day. If you want to see record of previous days record then you need to search.