ASTPP Version 3.5 Released

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Hello Everyone,
After a long time, Here is an update to your most loving Open source Billing platform – ASTPP which has a new release v3.5.
We know, you all must be having a series of questions with this new release.

Why version 3.5?
Yes, Its little surprising as we had been thinking to release v4.0 but we had to postpone that plan due to lack of time and funding.
In v4.0 We want to restructure UI and backend scripts completely for better performance and User experience. And definitely that would take long.
Ofcourse there will be v4.0, it’s currently in R&D mode, we are also looking for your expertise and suggestions to build up v4.0 if you have any.

What is new in v3.5?
Version 3.5 includes bug fixes and patches found so far since release of version 3.0, and also new features.


  • Changed password algorithm to generate strong password for account and sip devices
  • Set default NO in Allow recording dropdown while creating customer
  • Started logging payment records for payments table when admin do recharge of customer account
  • Restrict master admin account delete
  • Display my profile page to admin
  • Resolved double recharge issue in mass create customer
  • Removed option from admin to enable/disable OR delete master admin account
  • Remove require pin validation
  • Resolved search by CC in accounts/customers
  • Remove balance display from admin and subadmin account
  • Resolved issue if showing company profile blank when login as admin
  • Resolved permission issue to display ip map / ACL module in customer portal when permission option set to YES.
  • Resolved issue to display provider list to admin
  • Resolved Fund Transfer issues


  • Added Month – Year in graph to display in exported file like image, pdf etc
  • Corrected profit calculation on dashboard
  • Changed code to improve dashboard performance
  • Solved Top 10 Accounts report showing records with Anonymous account in admin login


  • Changed invoice and receipt template
  • Implemented favicon upload for personalization
  • Invoice script and update balance script modification for postpaid and prepaid customer billing
  • Add note for confirm button to avoid confusion
  • Resolved account dropdown display errors when admin try to create manual invoice
  • Resolved invoice amount display in customer portal
  • Resolved invoice searching issues
  • Resolved invoice total call count and total duration wrong display in automatic generate invoice
  • Resolved invoice date range issues


  • Added new feature Termination Rate Import Mapper #30 (Contribution from countrdd)
  • Changed bulk rates import code to improve performance


  • Add two new call type in DID call type Direct IP and DID@IP (Contribution from Stephen Forster)
  • Implemented code to erase DID call type and destination when customer or reseller release DID
  • Displayed default country selected while creating DID
  • Resolved change DID number not working issue


  • Arranged disposition dropdown value in alphabetic order
  • Change datetime format issue in reseller report
  • Resolved live call duration issue
  • Resolved timezone issues in summary report
  • Removed trunk display from reseller portal reports
  • Resolved date time picker issue in customer portal to select correct date and time
  • Resolved issues of charges history report

Email Broadcast & templates:

  • Implemented email loggers to debug the email issues
  • Removed unnecessary tags from html code when saving email template to improve layout
  • Added validation

IP Settings:

  • Added unique checkup validation for ip and prefix to avoid authentication problems
  • Resolved acl reload in freeswitch when deleting ip from UI
  • Removed restrictions from ip field to add IP range with netmask


  • Implemented code to rescan sofia profile upon delete and update gateway.


  • Amount validation added


  • Added validation for percentage field


  • Improved UI alignments for different components
  • Improved CSS on various pages
  • Removed restrictions to limit decimal value to add in UI. It increased to 15,5 to resolve large currency amounts.
  • Improved phone number validation. Now it will allow space, + and -.
  • In change password displayed ***** in customer portal for better security
  • Changed file open mode from a to a+ to create file automatically in case if file not created.
  • Refill Report : Display First name Last name (Account code) in refill by field
  • Mobile compatible menus
  • Resolved session timeout issue
  • Resolved multi language issues
  • Resolved did global translation save issue
  • Resolved double dropdown display issue in all modules
  • Resolved footer issues
  • Removed feedback link
  • Resolved decimal point issues
  • Resolved speeddial value issue
  • Resolved rate group selection for newly signed up customers

Call scripts:

  • Caller id translation implementation for STANDARD and DID calls (Configurable from customer profile and trunks)
  • Implemented ring timeout feature for STANDARD (Configurable from trunks), DID (Configurable from DID) and LOCAL (Configurable from System Configuration) Calls
  • Added code to send original hangupcause to user in case of voicemail disabled for DID and SIP to SIP Calls
  • Implemented force caller id display for SIP to SIP and SIP to DID calls
  • Made sip profile name usage dynamic in calls
  • Implemented concurrent call limit for resellers
  • Resolved concurrent calls handling issue for customer
  • Implemented code to update sip device voicemail password if someone change it using voicemail IVR
  • ACL : Changed IP based authentication query to resolve authentication problem when admin have customers with same ip but different prefix
  • Resolved DID and Local extension calling for Speed Dial
  • Resolved issue of skipping cdr entry for sub resellers
  • Resolved issue of Termination prefix ignored in Calling Card calls
  • Resolved block code issue


  • Resolved low balance notification issues


  • Increased caller id field length in cdr tables
  • Resolved code for backup and restore feature
  • Changed decimal points fields datatype length to 20,5
  • Added config log path for payment logger
  • Changed cdrs and reseller_cdrs tables indexes for better performance
  • Removed unused tables (post_load_modules_conf, post_load_switch_conf)


  • Added sendmail, mbstring packages
  • Resolved permission issues
  • Updated FreeSwitch Version
  • Added code to remove directory and dialplan files from plain FreeSwitch for security improvements
  • Updated update script

How can I upgrade?

# wget –no-check-certificate -O
# chmod +x
# ./

To do fresh install of v3.5:

# wget –no-check-certificate -O
# chmod +x
# ./

We do offer installation,migration, training, support and customization services on commercial bases to give you a quick start. Reach us on for details.

In case if you find any issues, then please feel free to report in our bug tracker below :

Thank you everyone for your continuous support in ASTPP journey.

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