Pilot Program
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Pilot Program

ASTPP launched pilot program to enhance all users experience. After requested many of our clients we come up with an authentic idea which help to those who wants to first check our softswitch performance without pay much including server. Many users have high volume of calls handled by their softswitch but not reach upto mark in terms of features and UI, Hence to overcome we bring pilot program with solutions for our clients to test the reliability, scalability, System architecture & functionality to understand the concept and mechanism to consume precious time, Money, energy and surety to make sure system is compatible to their needs or not.

Here is the highlight what includes with ASTPP single server if you go with Pilot Program.

  • Installation & configuration
  • Preinstalled available addons
  • Fully secure server
  • 2 Hours of 1 time features functional training
  • SSL Configuration (If required)
  • Limited 10 Concurrent Calls

Recently we had some customer who tested the system and happily accepted ASTPP through our pilot program.

Cost : $200 USD for 1 Month.

Note: You can test the system for a month and check how it can fit with your needs. However with testing you can continue by paying recurring payment of $200 USD every month. In future if you decide that now you need on your own server/vps then we can forward the same system and charge will be extra.