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Vovo Group

Vovo Group, Inc. is one of the leading telecommunication companies based in the USA. The company deals with wholesale and retail VoIP calling business. It is popular for the best rates and exceptional client service. The company has a product, namely, VovoTelco. The company provides international calling services under their sister company: VovoCall.

When Vovo group wanted to start their calling businesses, they were looking for a reliable solution that can be used to manage all different aspects of their telecommunication business. They came across ASTPP and our custom solution not only helped them to start their business, but also helped them to execute their business growth model in a way they desired to!

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Detail Explanation of the Case

The Vovo Group wanted to start a business of the wholesale VoIP calling as well as seeking to benefit customers by offering cheap international calling services. To start their business they were looking for reliable class 4 softswitch to take care of their wholesale VoIP business operations and class 5 softswitch solution to take care of their retail VoIP calling service business. It means they needed to get either two different VoIP Softswitches or a hybrid VoIP softswitch with the functionality of both solutions.

The company also wanted to assure they have an automated billing solution to take care of invoicing and billing because the manual billing process can be tedious and possibly inaccurate sometimes.

They were looking for a reliable solution that can take care of their business and all its aspects, including, but not limited to:

  • Account management (Customers, Vendors, etc.)
  • Operations (Wholesale and Retail VoIP Business)
  • Invoicing and Billing
  • Strong Rating and Routing

During their search for a reliable solution, they came across ASTPP: Open Source Billing Solution. They initiated a discussion to get a tailored solution along with the open source solution.

ASTPP Proven to be the Needed Solution

The official ASTPP Maintainers took an opportunity to cater this need of the Vovo Group.

The ASTPP is a billing solution, but along with the billing module, it has many amazing features to take care of whole wholesale and retail VoIP business. It means a single all-in-one-solution benefited the Vovo Group by providing all required features of class 4 softswitch, class 5 softswitch and automated billing.
The Vovo Group wanted some custom features such as, strong account verification to avoid fraud, advance routing strategies, realtime rates notifications, etc. Also, they wanted to have a white-label Mobile SIP Dialer to delight their own customers by offering a handy tool to have conversations.

The ASTPP team discussed the requirement of the company and developed custom features to meet their requirements.

The ASTPP team also developed a tailored mobile SIP dialer with all required features and the brand elements of the Vovo Group.

Key Features Offered

  • All features of ASTPP Billing Solution
  • Additional Custom Billing features
    • Dashboard widgets for quick views
    • Additional custom security layer
    • Customer account verification
    • Advanced reporting
    • Additional routing strategies
    • Realtime rates notifications
    • And more
  • White label Mobile SIP Dialer with custom features
    • Layout improvements
    • Rates Simulator
    • Smart dialling
    • Earn free credit points using adwards
    • And more
Further Assistance to Meet Growth Requirements

The Vovo Group, Inc started business with a tailored ASTPP solution on a single server. The business has grown at a rapid rate and they wanted to have a solution with the highest possible uptime even in increased load on the system with increased number of users and concurrent calls.

The official ASTPP team created a High Availability Cluster for the Vovo Group to provide the highest possible uptime.

Results Attained

The Vovo Group, Inc. is running, both, wholesale and retail VoIP business by using the tailored ASTPP Solution, which has attained amazing results, including, but not limited to:

  • Efficient management of the operations with GUI based panels
  • Handling thousands of registered customers for their usage and billing swiftly
  • Handling hundreds of calls per second with effective routing rules and call handling methods
  • Better staff productivity with ease of management and automation of operations
  • Better resource utilization
  • Increased business and confidence of offering exceptional services with 99.99% system uptime

The Vovo Group, Inc is growing faster with this solution and leveraging many benefits and offering exceptional customer services to its customers worldwide.

What our client says


We are really happy with the solution offered by the iNextrix team as it is easy and effective. I must say the team was really helpful and prompt. They tailored the solution for us and it fits into our business model completely. We are growing fast and the tailored ASTPP solution offered by the iNextrix team is one of the contributors in our growth.